sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Fantasy Crochet Flower Garland - Guirnalda Fantasía en Crochet

Unlike my other items such as coasters, that they have their own name, because they are mostly fruits, flowers or small animals, I thought that the garlands would need a name to distinguish between them, and usually when I'm doing each garland its colors inspire me the name, for that reason I wanted to call this garland Fantasy, because it has an image almost magic where your thinking leads you to what more you want!

This cute garland has sixteen decorations including varying flower, and star in aqua, ivory, yellow, grey, and peach with a white crocheted cord, made of 100% Cotton Yarn.

You can use it for embellishment your wall, to your party decoration…, or just have it in that special place as a treasure for lovers of granny chic.

Lo más bonito de hacer estas guirnaldas es la combinación de colores y los diferentes diseños que puedas hacer con los motivos de las guirnaldas, puedes inclusive hacer la guirnalda con todos los motivos diferentes y de un mismo color, o al contrario un solo motivo en diferentes colores, la variedad es muchísima y los mejor: todas quedan bellísimas!

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