viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Crochet Owl Valentine

NEW ... Beautiful Valentine Owl, my favorite creation. 

I love owls, they are symbols of wisdom and intelligence. Throughout history and across many cultures, people have regarded Owls with fascination and awe, they represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy.

You can also use these cute owls as decoration on the wall or in a painting. 

Available in my Etsy shop.
Crochet Owl Valentine

3 comentarios:

  1. Que bello! Sera posible que envies el esquema de como hacerlo? Tienes unas manos maravillosas!

  2. Hola Vivian gracias por tu visita, no tengo ese patrón hecho, pero hay otros tutoriales gratis aqui en mi blog.


  3. Is there anyway I can get you to make one of these? They're not up for sale on Etsy anymore, and a friend really like them.